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Those nutty folks in Washington, DC…..

November 24, 2011

Gang of six? Gang of twelve? Gang Green? Who can keep up with the foolishness in our nations capital? Sometimes I believe they like this; getting folks confused, which causes  more apathy. When the “special committee” was announced to find ways to reduce federal spending, did anyone, besides the idiots on the television news really believe they would accomplish anything? When I first heard about it this new committee, I was very sad. You see, these people are not serious about reducing spending or becoming more accountable. No, they want to set up special committees or a roundtable of so called experts. In other words, passing the responsibility and eventually laying the blame on someone else. A leader makes decisions, whether they are popular or not. A leader doesn’t just pass the buck to turn the political heat off.

Sadly, this is why it appears there is no hope for this once great nation. Vote Obama out? Great idea. But at this time it looks like the republican “establishment”, wants to nominate Mitt Romney. This is much like the democrat “establishment” which ran Obama instead of Hilary. These people do not want anything to change. Change? Change the pension for congress? No way. When the republicans took over the house of representatives, they claimed they were going to get rid of Obamacare. Have they? No they have not and they will not. They are in charge of the money and could de-fund it anytime they like.have they stopped the influx of hundreds of thousands illegals from walking in to the country? These people are out of touch with Americans and they could care less.

So sit back and watch the political theatrics on CNN, FOX, or MSNBC. Republican or Democrat, they’re all the same.


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